Yaku helping to alleviate children with malnutrition

To kick-start 2020, Yaku Latin Goods has contributed to children at risk of chronic malnutrition in Lima, Peru, by donating part of its profits to ALPANI.

ALPANI is a non-profit organisation that educates and empowers women and community leaders in the outskirts of Lima to help alleviate children with malnutrition. Due to very limited support from Government, this organisation relies heavily on donations from companies and individuals in order to maintain and expand their social impact.

 A key component of ALPANI’s strategy involves training women to become nutrition assistants. The funds provided by Yaku Latin Goods have been allocated to help implement a small nutrition clinic and to purchase educational resources so nutrition assistants can carry out their duties more efficiently. In the past, Yaku has donated some recreational supplies and measuring boards to help the nutrition program to keep running.

To maximize Yaku’s social impact, Gabi and Santi maintain a close and friendly communication with ALPANI’s founder Gabriela Araya, to get the best insight on how can the funds be best utilized.

It is clear that this donation represents a small contribution to the colossal challenge that Gabriela faces aiming to alleviate children with chronic malnutrition in Peru; yet, it is initiatives like this that truly make a difference and hopes to inspire many more. After all, tiny drops of water will eventually create a majestic ocean.

Yaku Latin Goods is a social enterprise that trades fine, ethical goods from Latin America and reinvests a portion of its profits to support social projects for positive impact. Now trading organic dark chocolate from Ecuador.

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