First batch of Andean Rose Chocolate in Australia

Santi: Our chocolate will finally arrive from Ecuador in late Dec
Gabi: Great, but we have also been accepted to volunteer at the Woodford Festival
starting on Dec26th...

Sometimes life puts you in tight moments like this one. We have been working hard for the last three months in the purchasing and importing process to bring the chocolate from our home country, until we finally heard the magic words "your chocolate will arrive on…". At the very same time, we were also confirmed an invitation to volunteer in one of the biggest festivals in the world, Woodford Folk Festival…

Gabi: Should we cancel?

Well, in this occasion, as in so many others in our lives, we adopted our Bolivian mantra: "patience and good humour". So we packed our camping gear and decided to have the greatest time volunteering for Circadia at Woodford. Therefore, we had to postpone the date of a huge Emirates Sky Cargo airfreight until January, so we can receive our first-ever stock of delicious chocolate.

Once the airfreight arrived and on our way back from the airport with Panchito (our car) loaded with boxes, we were really excited and wanted to celebrate (well, we usually find lots of moments worth celebrating…)

Gabi: Let’s have a ceremony. There’s a nice park close by…
Santi: Great idea. I’ll bring incense, a sarong and the first chocolate bar.!

Similar to how indigenous Australian people show respect to their lands, the indigenous Andean tradition shows deep respect to the land by sharing the first bit of their meals with the Pachamama (Mother Earth). Hence, we went to the park next to our home, picked up a few flowers on the way, sat underneath the shade of the biggest tree, lit an incense and had a symbolic ceremony. The very first bit of our first Andean rose chocolate was a pleasant dessert for enthusiastic Australian ants. We hugged. Our chocolate was blessed!

Finally, since by nature we love to be surrounded by great people, we decided to gather with some close friends to have the official opening of the chocolate boxes. So, after some pizza and drinks, nice music and great vibes, our Yaku Latin Goods dream was born.

Yaku at Canvas


  • Spelt Gabi’s name incorrectly in ‘comment’ just shared. Please correct for us-thanks! Paul

    Paul & Susie Halma-Ronto
  • Santi & Gabby are doing an amazing job promoting this magnificent chocolate – we’ve tried & loved each taste sensation – we suggest you try them all! 10% of all sales goes directly to mal-nourished Peruvian children & families – what a bonus – enjoying the ‘best’ international award winning organic choc & practically helping others! Visit Gabby & Santi at Northey St markets each Sunday – we highly recommend it !!! Paul & Susie

    Paul & Susie

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